Gluten free mango smoothie bowl

gluten free mango smoothie bowl

Today there is a somewhat different recipe with an important secret ingredient where I was inspired by the page Fit Men Cook (no advertising). It’s a combination of frozen mango and cottage cheese. Crazy, isn’t it? But believe me, cottage cheese gives this naturally gluten free mango smoothie bowl the ultimate kick. And go!

For one serving you need:

200 g frozen mango

200 g cottage cheese

1 tablespoon turmeric (can also be omitted, but this gives the bowl that certain something)

some milk to dilute if necessary (but not too much, otherwise you’ll have a smoothie)

If you want, you can also add a scoop of protein powder of your choice.

And: A mixer is definitely your friend if you like to eat (or drink) smoothie bowls. I love my Thermomix but I heard VitaMix works wonders as well. And no, they did not pay me for saying so.

That’s how it works:
  1. Pour all ingredients into the mixer and mix until you get a creamy mixture.
  2. Dilute with milk if necessary. Easy peasy.

To get the ultimate breakfast, you can top this gluten free mango smoothie bowl with my crunchy gluten free granola.

Have fun mixing and good appetite!

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